Tesla recalls 561 electric vehicles in South Korea for the first time

Apr 29, 2021

According to reports, South Korea's Ministry of transportation said on Thursday that imported car brands including Tesla's South Korea branch, Mercedes Benz's South Korea branch and BMW's South Korea branch will recall 13797 cars to repair defective parts. Among them, Tesla will recall 561 electric vehicles in South Korea for the first time.

According to South Korea's Ministry of transportation, Tesla South Korea will recall 561 model s electric vehicles imported and sold in South Korea, which are equipped with smaller flash devices. Now it is found that the lack of flash memory capacity will lead to the failure of touch screen instrument panel, rear camera display, demist function and turn signal lamp.
It is the first time the electric car manufacturer has recalled its electric cars in South Korea.

Tesla is just one of the 52 models recalled in South Korea, totaling 13797 vehicles. The recalled vehicles come from Tesla, Mercedes Benz, Honda, BMW, South Korea branch of manka bus company, as well as vehicles imported by South Korea commercial trucks and South Korea importer hanbulmotors, as well as 66 dump trucks.

Mercedes Benz South Korea will recall 17 models, a total of 6199 vehicles, including gle 450 4matic, which fails to meet safety standards. South Korea's Ministry of transport said it was also considering imposing a fine on the automaker.

BMW South Korea branch will recall 10 models including BMW 520d, a total of 574 vehicles, due to poor transmission shaft parts. Honda South Korea branch will recall 7 models, a total of 4567 vehicles, due to problems with fuel pump impeller.

South Korea's Ministry of transport said the recalled vehicles could be repaired free of charge at the respective vehicle manufacturer's repair and service centers.

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