The Best Tesla Accessories for Model 3/Y

Jul 5, 2022

  With an already amazing car, these small and beautiful Tesla accessories will make your car more practical and make driving more interesting. Let's introduce these great accessories for Model 3/Y.

Tesla Magnetic Phone Holder for Model 3/Y

 There are a variety of mobile phone brackets on the market, which can basically adapt to 90% of cars, but Tesla can't. This brings us great inconvenience for Tesla owners to use mobile phones in their cars. So we decided to develop a special mobile phone bracket for Tesla. Due to the particularity of Tesla air outlet, we need to give priority to the base. Combined with the existing products on the market, we have made improvements to make the base can be installed without damage and firmly fixed.

  After solving the problem of the base, we combined with the function of Apple MagSafe to add a magnet to the adsorption disk. It's so easy to pick up and put it down again. In addition, you can rotate the phone according to your own habits. When you park, you can watch videos and play games as you like.

  By the way, we changed the material. At the same time, the bracket has aromatherapy function, which makes the air in the car more fresh.

 WAT Tesla accessories |  Magnetic Phone Holder For Model 3/Y(clik here to buy)    


· Hand made: The wooden part of this phone holder is made by hand, it is natural and simple.

· Universal: 17mm connector, Suitable for almost all mobile phone rack bases.

· Fragrance: Because it is a special wooden material, it has light wood fragrance. You can also add perfume essential oil to beech materials in the back to make the air fresh.

· High magnetic: Suitable for all iPhone 12 series , hold your phone firmly.

· Compatible: Suitable for 3 / Y type. It can be placed anywhere in the air outlet.

After a long time of testing with my friends, they agreed that this function is unique and amazing.

Tesla Hidden Fragrance for Model 3/Y

If you don't want to change Tesla's minimalist interior style, this hidden fragrance is a good choice. This fragrance is still made of wood.

WAT Tesla accessories | Hidden Fragrance For Model 3/Y (clik here to buy) 

· Invisible design: This solid wood fragrance is designed to be placed at the air-conditioning outlet. It keeps the interior design simple and does not affect the driver’s vision. No shelter, no outlet blockage, safe driving! 

· Natural materials: It’s made of solid beech wood with natural essential oil. No harm to environment, no harm to body. 

· Perisitent fragrance: Due to the characteristics of the material, the fragrance will   last for a long time, and then it will gradually fade. You can also add your perfume essential oil to the wood to make the fragrance last longer.

· More choices: 4 kinds of fragrance type, 4 Seasons, Coco, Miss and Paris. Choose your favourite and bring the nature into your Tesla car! 

· Exquisite package: Well designed package to ensure the style and quality of this products. The one and only!

Tesla Center Console Wood Grain Cover for Model 3/Y 

This is a kind of central control wood sticker that can make Tesla interior look more concise. It's also Facebook's most popular interior modification. The natural grain of wood divides the original interior of black tone into two parts, which makes people bright in front of their eyes.

WAT Tesla accessories | Center Console Wood Grain Cover for Model 3/Y (clik here to buy)  

· Stylish wooden texture design, improve the appearance of the vehicle interior, high-end and generous.

· Anti-scratch film is used to decorate the car, protect the body and prevent damage.

· Easy to use, sturdy and durable, long service life.

The only disadvantage is that it takes a little bit of skill to install.

That's all the Tesla Model 3/Y accessories we recommend. They are compact and practical. The key is the price is generally not high, but you can feel the obvious difference. In the last, you can pay attention to our website, we will continue to launch new products and update iterations.

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